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Cutting Cords

Cutting cords

The topic of cutting cords, those energetic threads that tie us to people, places, and situations, keeps popping up in conversations with friends, clients, and even co-workers these past few weeks. So, it seemed like the perfect energy management technique to write about here in the journal as a reference for those who have gone through the process with me during a session or for those who feel the need to go through it themselves as a way to practice a little energetic Spring cleaning.

Energetic cords can be attached to past lovers, homes, traumatic situations. They create an unregulated flow on energy between you and whatever is at the other end which can deplete your energetic stores if they are not being replenished. You can visualize them as a mother-to-be’s umbilical cord to her babe in utero… a free flow of energy to a person or place of which you were unaware.

I believe that all cords should be cut. This does not mean that you don’t love your spouse or children anymore not does it preclude a loving relationship. What it does do is reset the energetic frequency of the relationship and heightens your awareness of your energetic system.

Recently, I have started visualizing these cords as a woven energy channel with a warp and a weft. The warp being energy that belongs to you and the weft being that energy belonging to another person or place or situations so the energy of the cord is fully intertwined or entangled.

There are a number of visualizations for cutting cords. Here, I am describing a variation of how I originally learned to cut cords during shamanism training in 2007. And even though cutting cords stems from shamanism, what really lights me up is that there is also a scientific basis in the theory of quantum entanglement for those energetic threads being attached.

The Process

Begin by creating sacred space through the use of incense or smudge spray or light a candle. Then get comfortable either seated or lying down. Briefly meditate to connect your energetic body to the Earth — the energetic roots grounding meditation is perfect for this. After 4-5 minutes of meditation, drop your consciousness down to your Root chakra and notice any cords emanating out. Notice their color, their weight, whether they feel fertile or brittle or heavy and black.

If there are any cords that are easily knocked away, knock them away.

If there are none, move your consciousness up to the Sacral Chakra and check for cords there.

If there are heavy or black cords that do not feel as though they should be there, sit in the energy of the cord and then follow its length until you see the person, place, or situation on the other end. Acknowledge the person or event. Thank them for all the lessons you learned and for the time you spent together. Listen to what they/it has to say. You may need to forgive or be forgiven. Allow this interaction to unfold.

When you are ready, visualize two lengths of red ribbon and tie them to the cord a small distance from each other. You will be cutting the cord in-between these two pieces of ribbon which cuts off the energy flow. Next, visualize the cutting implement of your choice and cut the cord. For a cutting implement, I prefer a very oversized pair of silver scissors which glint in the light. You may choose a knife, machete, chainsaw. Pick the implement that first pops to mind as it is unique to you. No need to over think.

Once the cut is made, you will feel the separation of energy immediately… specifically, you will feel as though you have more energy.

If you feel so called, move on to the 2nd Chakra and repeat the process. Then on to the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th Chakras. Repeat the process at each major energy center. Stop when it feels right, knowing that you can always return to do more work.

Now, is the perfect time to not only spring clean your home but to also freshen up your energetic body as we move into the faster pace of Spring and Summer. If you feel more comfortable being guided through this process, click the Book a Session button over in the right navigation and schedule a time. This work can be done in person or via phone or Skype.

Happy Spring Clearing!