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I Create {Sacral Chakra}

I Create | Sacral Chakra

Today we are exploring the Sacral or second chakra located in the belly below your navel. This is the place where creativity and passion spark, flame, and burn. It is also where we have the capacity to feel things deeply.

When this chakra is blocked, there is a tendency to be detached from those things that create happiness or joy in your life. Your excitement, passion, and flame diminish.

It is easy to get back in touch with your creativity and passion though a daily conscious practice or ritual is key. Connect your Root {1st} Chakra to the Earth energy described last week. The drop your consciousness down into your Sacral Chakra and start to ask…

“What creates passion in my life?”
“Where can I add more creativity in my daily life?”
“What can I create today that brings me in touch with my humanity?”

Start each day by acknowledging “I Create”.

By being in this present moment and taking personal responsibility for the life you create daily, there is nothing that you can’t accomplish.

xoxoxo, s

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