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I am Safe {Root Chakra}

You are Safe | I am Safe | Root Chakra

I am starting an educational series on the major chakras as they are the core of the human energetic system and the foundation of much of the work I do with clients.

Today, I am tapping into the Root Chakra, the first chakra at the base of your spine. It’s mantra is “I am safe” and is associated with our ancestral DNA, our first family, our foundations.

It’s the chakra that sends energetic roots down into the Earth to ground our energetic systems, our human bodies, and our souls in to this Earth plane. From here our foundations are built.

Walk barefoot in the grass and feel the energetic waves of the Earth’s energy enter your body through the soul’s of your feet.

As we fully enter summer, which of your foundations need shoring up? In which areas of your life can you slow down and surrender to the summer rhythm?

Hold on to that first answer and create that shift for yourself.

Today and everyday know that You are SAFE.

xoxo, s

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