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Bring It, Universe!

Muddy playa feet

I smiled a lot today. I like smiling. In fact, it’s not just today. I have smiled more in the past two weeks then I can remember smiling in a while.

There have also been some great laughs… pure, true, and deep belly laughs. Laughing until I almost peed my pants. I really can’t remember the last time I smiled and laughed so wholeheartedly.

It was an unexpected day… with rain, thunder, lightning, and hail in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. No vehicles drive when this happens. Instead either the soles of your shoes clop up with mud or you go barefoot with squishy mud between your toes.

At the beginning of July, I gave it up to the Universe to bring what ever it wanted into my life. I did this in regard to a certain energy healing training hoping that the money to attend would appear. Instead, the Universe brought me two contract job offers to work at Burning Man during the same time as the training. I accepted the longer one 10 days prior to my start date having faith that it was the right thing to do.

Tomorrow, I will have been in the beautiful Black Rock Desert for two weeks. While I left behind my office, I brought my work. Location independence hadn’t even seemed like a possibility a year ago.

On the journey here, we were lying in the grass in Cedarville, CA watching the clouds roll by while the puppy enjoyed running around. I couldn’t remember the last time I watched the clouds roll by but know that growing up it was something I did a lot. It was magic.

A couple nights ago, I saw the Milky Way.

Today, I rode my bike to a secret office location so that I could work on my business (Hi!).

All these things throw me back to visceral memories of my childhood.

I needed to experience these things.

My soul needed to experience these things.

It is felt so deeply that my eyes fill with tears.

All these experiences will inform the future of my life and my business. All from having faith in the Universe. By following the signs and the gut feelings.

What of life’s simple pleasures are you missing?

What are those things that you don’t even know that you are missing?

Do you remember the last time you watched the clouds pass overhead?

When did you last walk barefoot?

And, how about the stars… when was the last time you saw the night sky unhindered by the city lights?

xoxo, s


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