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Feeling Mute

Kumare stillI feel like there is so much to say but feel mute. Like ideas are percolating. I feel shame for having started a journal post last week but not finishing or posting it… maybe that is the bump in the road this week. Or it could be that change in pattern from having been in one of Earth’s most beautiful places for three days disconnected and relaxing. So many reasons and excuses.

The root of it all however seems to be talking about writing as a way of attracting more clients which I did with my writing coach last Thursday rather than writing the story that wants to be told or even the story of who I really am and how I am here to help people. There is a distinct difference. Writing to attract clients feels… icky. It feels wholly un-me.

The thought of having a formula, an anatomy of a post totally blocks any sort of storytelling vibe I feel…any flow that I have come to recognize as being plugged in to a greater source in order to tell a story that has a broader implication than just me.

So I am not going to do that. I am not going to write to attract clients.

I commit to you now that the only things that I will be writing are those stories that come through me as needing to be told, of who I am, and how I help.

When have you felt un-you?

What story have you been putting off telling that wants to be told?

xoxo, s


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