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Houston, we have a problem…

Screen shot from the movie Nebraska

The two times in recent memory that I have asked for help were during major life events — the purchase of my co-op apartment in 2006 and our wedding in 2011. Both circumstances were bigger than me, than us. Asking for help came back 10-fold… beyond any expectation I could have ever had.

In the case of my apartment, every surface was touched. Countless friends helped me remove vinyl over plywood flooring in the kitchen and bathroom with a crowbar, re-tile the bathroom, lay cork flooring in the kitchen, uninstall and reinstall the bathroom sink and toilet, paint every room, and move me in all for meals and beverages.

We got married within a budget of $3,000 for a barbecue the night before as we had a bunch of folks coming in from out of town to the ceremony and reception. Due to our amazing friends coming together finishing decorations, decorating the reception venue, picking up glasses, performing the ceremony, runs to Costco, grilling, constructing the most amazing croquembouche (our wedding cake), the entire event felt much more rich like a wedding at least 10x the price. And what still blows me away is how personal it all felt and so full of love.

It is with these images in my heart that I open up once again. It feels difficult. There is hesitation. Similar to admitting defeat in my mind for I tend to be the one that helps, cares for another, usually behind the scenes. This request is all about standing in my power and being seen and ultimately opening myself up to feeling loved.

I left my former job four and a half months ago (after prolonged notice given) thinking that I would just jump into seeing clients full-time. That hasn’t happened for a number of reasons. Mainly just needing a break from running on all cylinders all the time… also known as burn-out recovery. The funny thing being that when working with clients, I feel full of energy and light, as do my clients, along with being grounded, centered, de-stressed, and more present in this life. Making my work the perfect antidote to burn-out for both me and my clients.

After what felt like a set-back in moving forward into my being last week and after prodding form a friend, I initiated a distance healing with John of God. My request was for a full recovery from burn-out and a blessing for my new career as a healer so that I am able to fully show up and help others fulfill their contracts for this time around and live the life they are meant to be living.

I felt a shift from the moment I sent the email. And in so doing allowed space for all those things stated in my request to John of God to happen.

It occurred to me in the days following that I should just ask my community for help and allow the Universe to support me so that I can support you by fully stepping into my new role.

I am asking for help in spreading the word about my work. Is that help you?

Do you have any ideas regarding ways to spread the word about my work?

If you have worked with me, do you know anyone who would benefit from working with me? Could you refer them? Would you write a testimonial?

I’d love to hear your suggestions either in the comments below or privately. And transversely, do you find it difficult to ask for help? Has there been a time that you asked for help and the response whelmed your heart? Where are those spaces where I can help you?

Honored and grateful… xoxo, s

Photo: Screen shot from the movie Nebraska
Post written with our wedding playlist in the background

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