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In September after many months of internal battle, I stepped into the concept that I was indeed a mentor. And I am pretty sure that I was born this way. This after many years, decades even, of being a mentee to amazing mentors, a lineage that I honor every day.

This gift had been hidden from me for, like, forever. I hadn’t been able to stand in my power fully enough to see it or embody it or believe it.

The most recent incarnation started last summer when a shining light asked about mentoring. My first impulse was to reference other people in spite of seeing myself with that cadre of mentors. Shortly thereafter I was blessed to have a conversation with my mentor who pointed out that I wouldn’t have seen myself with those other mentors if I wasn’t one myself.

This mentoring spark was incubating while attending the Burning Man Festival last year. The experience of Burning Man can be anything you want it to be. For me, it centers around working for a theme camp, ShamanDome, doing 1-on-1 healings as I am a conduit for a high frequency energy I’ve started calling all-encompassing light. This means that I am up at sunrise, do not do drugs, maybe have one alcoholic beverage during the week, and sleep at night. Plus, my person works for the org setting up and taking down all the things. My experience is pretty unique… just like every one else’s experience.

The real kicker can be that the lesson you walk away from Burning Man with may or may not be one that you are ready to face. The desert strips you bare and can easily accelerate learning and growth.

My lesson brought me face-to-face with my mentoring abilities. After each opening circle at ShamanDome, there was another shiny bright healer soul asking me to work with them 1-on-1 prior to the 1-on-1 healings open to the public. And when I was working with folks outside of the healer realm, those seeking mentorship came my way time and time again with one of my favorites crowd funding her way to massage and holistic healing school.

So I listened. I meditated. And, then, I mentored my passenger on the ride home back to Seattle.

This thing that I had been ducking all this time… this gift that I had shared naturally my entire life… entered my world at the time I was ready to step into it. So much so that in my mentee notes from September 22, I wrote “I am celebrating being a mentor.”

It wasn’t until a retreat in October, however, that I understood how this mentoring would emerge. When I was lucky enough to have found the perfect person, to ask the perfect questions, at the perfect time.

The roots of mentoring move the Why not me? Manifesto into action through empowering sweet souls to speak their personal truth by fully grounding in their personal power, reverence for the individual, and honoring who and where one is in their human journey. In so doing, each of us steps into living life as we are meant to and in turn empower others to do the same.

This is how the Luminosity Mentoring Program was born with it’s beta session starting in March.

I am so excited to co-create the perfect mentoring program for you which intersects what you want to birth into the world with the knowledge and gifts I have to offer in this life. We will create a roadmap to the life you want to be living by drawing upon all-encompassing light, art/design, intuitive insight, ritual, Kundalini yoga, energy healing modalities (Reiki, Alchemical Healing, Shamanism, Shamanic Herbalism), business in the new economy, fundraising, pr, and Law of Attraction + energy management techniques.

Let’s create some magic by tapping into the life your light body wants to be living and breaking through the blocks that this human experience has created.

What could you do if you shone brightly in the world as if you were a crystal container? What could you do if you were fully grounded, standing in your personal power, and in alignment with your knowledge, gifts, and higher purpose?

Join me for the journey.

xoxo, s


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