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Harness the Power of the Moon’s Phases, Part 2

Ganesh New Moon Ritual

As part of the Luminosity Mentoring Program, the lunar phases are followed to harness this gorgeous natural cycle that is a part of living on planet Earth. Two weeks ago, I talked about how the Full Moon is used to release those things that are no longer working for you by creating a list and burning it.

At the New Moon, intentions are set of those things that you want to get accomplished in the upcoming four weeks or plans that you want to set into motion. Like the ritual at the Full Moon, a list is created. My practice includes a couple minutes of meditation and writing the list in Evernote so that it does’t get lost in the shuffle between the apartment and the office.

The New Moon Intention list would also be great hand written with drawings or as a vision board collage. Add whatever surround feels right to you. That could be your favorite music, a lit candle, incense.

Tonight/early tomorrow is the Cancer New Moon at 1:08am PT/4:08am ET/9:08am BST.

This New Moon is a great time to affirm and re-affirm what you want more of in your life. Add more of what makes you happy. Add more entertaining at home. Add more activities that nurture your heart, soul, and body.

What intentions are you setting for the next four weeks ending on July 26?

My intentions include:

  • Planning out the remaining six months of 2014 in order to give my programs and courses space to expand and grow
  • Surrendering to the rhythm of Summer
  • Seeing friends that I have not seen in what is feeling like forever
  • Doing things I wouldn’t ‘normally’ do (mid-day movie, anyone?)
  • Visit places that have been on my bucket list for a decade (Neah Bay)
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Sussing out a volunteer gig

Tell me about your intentions in the comments below.

love + light to you!  xoxo, s

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