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Hsi Lai Temple - Being Light

Trusting that this is the perfect time to post this new guided meditation. I had hoped to push it out into the world last week while we were in Los Angeles visiting friends and family. It seems that I always underestimate the fullness of those trips and driving from one end of LA to the other.

The most brilliant part of these five┬ádays away was the synchronicity of just about every happening and the themes, validations, and discoveries made. There is no accident to who you see and don’t see on these kinds of trips. There is an inherent feeling of magic.

This is especially highlighted when your partner talks about stalking Kogi, the Korean-Mexican fusion food truck, and then is shows up in Whittier California because Maps gave us the wrong directions. At that point the only answer is to stand in line for 20 minutes in order to taste the gasp inducing cuisine.

And then there was the visit to the Hsi Lai Temple fit in during a tour of my partner’s family’s homes and history.

Leading up to this trip, I had been meditating every day. Not for long periods of time, just consistently.

More magic happens when I meditate.

With that I give you the Coptic Chakra Meditation that was born out of client work.

This guided meditation highlights the major and minor chakras by infusing them with All-Encompassing Light and releasing those things that are no longer serving areas of your life.

I challenge you to listen to this meditation everyday for a week.

Report back any changes or shifts or magic experienced.

And remember… YOU are Magic.

xoxoxo, s

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