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The In-between

Sunset in Crescent City CA

The neither here, nor there.

That place we inhabit during travel. Really it’s the physical road. That magnificent delineated space that takes you from HERE to THERE. That space where it feels like you are standing still, yet there is all this movement swirling around you. Smudges of color. The sky being the constant. The tree line. The edge of the mountain range.

The horizon out there in the distance, beaconing you to continue your journey foreward.

There are other in-between times. Those of the sun rising and the sun setting. The color that splashes out along the horizon. The meeting of sun and earth. Of day and night. Of nature. Some creatures awaken while others go to sleep.

This is a magical time.

I find myself in this space now. I have been here for a while, though now highlighted by seven weeks in the desert followed by an extended road trip home. My in-between is an imaginary road where I see my future self on the horizon and where I have been clicking by like mileposts behind me.

At times I wish my path were as clear as a freeway rather than like feeling my way through the dark. My intuition is my map… that inner guidance system that each of us has. I’ve found that gut feeling is always the best route to take even if it tends to contain blind spots and off the beaten path roads. Those places are always where the best treasures are found… those spots others tend to steer clear of.

Where has your inner guidance system taken you lately?
Where have you programmed it to go?

This time between the Autumn Equinox and tonight’s New Moon in Libra is the perfect time to assess your route, make course corrections, and forge ahead.

What are those things that aren’t working any more? Is it time to let go of things, relationships? Or maybe it’s that vision of your future self that needs correcting? What is the full moon highlighting for you?

Yesterday, I created a list for the next three months. Things to accomplish at the office, for my metaphysical healing practice, for Sweetness Herbal, as well as for my personal life. They include things like the realization that I hold space for others, babies in utero talk to me and perhaps it’s time to highlight that, create a mullein blossom salve for the throat chakra, bring a ladder to the office to hang art and these awesome streamers purchased at Tail of the Yak in Oakland on the road trip home.

What is on your list for this new season?

I’d also love to hear about your journey to this place and time and what changes you are setting in motion as we moved forward into the great of unknown of Autumn.

Wishing you many treasures… xoxo, s

Inspirational references:
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