Suzanne Ragan Lentz

luminary for emergence

Energetic Roots


This sweetheart of a tree was photographed last September in Northern California as we were traveling home to Seattle from Nevada. We chose to drive up the coast after seven weeks in the desert to feel the moisture return to our bones.

What if your energetic roots were as broad and expansive as those of this redwood? How different would your body feel? How differently would you move through the world?

Grounding in Earth energy is a basic necessity for your human body to function at optimal levels. So often in modern society, we are disconnected from this source of energetic healing. Synthetic soles of shoes block the natural flow. We don’t go barefoot as often as we did as kids. We stop thinking about this connection when everything is go, go, go.

Many times this is the first thing I do with a client — reconnect their energy system to that of the Earth. It feels different being connected than not. You are able to run a lot more energy through your body. Your energetic stores do not become depleted as easily or quickly.

I’ve written a lot about energetic cords here, here, and there is a meditation here. And I am writing about it again now as it keeps being reflected back to me how important this practice is and that how I describe it may be different than how you have heard it described before.

A lot of times, we put our roots into the Earth and push energy down through our energetic system. When in reality the Earth supports us and feeds our energetic systems so that we can fully experience what it feels like to be a soul inhabiting a human body.

This connection to Earth energy is the whole point of the soul incarnating. The etheric energy, the light, the air, all feel very natural to the soul; our light body is boundless. It is from where each of us comes. It is the Earth with is gravity and nurturing support that is the new experience for the soul; with it’s systems, rules, and boundaries.

It is here that we can mix the energy of the Earth with the energy of the etheric within our body and bridge the dimensions.

So, just for a moment, imagine that your energetic roots are sprouting out of the soles of your feet and growing down to meet the Earth. Once there, your roots grow deep and wide like that of a tree and you feel the tingle of the Earth energy. Your energetic roots begin to suck this Earth energy up moving toward your physical body until you feel it enter the soles of your feet and travel through your whole energetic system.

Do this every day. It only takes a few minutes. Check in with your energetic roots and bask in the miracle of the Earth.