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Heart Chakra Prayer Card

heart chakra prayer card

Last week, I created my very own heart chakra prayer card and gifted them at my free in-person Calibration Meditation + Healing Circle last Monday. The inspiration is multi-faceted. In part, it springs from my grandmother’s passing in January and her Catholic memorial service.

I had started thinking about my upbringing in parochial school and the Catholic church. How I knew from a young age that I did not believe in Jesus though knew better than to voice that belief as my religion teacher had already made it quite clear that one goes to hell for not believing in Jesus, the son of God.

Mary was my solace and savior during all those masses in which I questioned her son’s existence. And, frankly, seemed like the only nice person in all those bible stories.

So, it wasn’t surprising two weeks ago when I dreamt that Mary was stuffing a wound which ran from my 2nd (sacral) to 4th (heart) chakra with palm sized roses. She just kept stuffing this energetic wound with these giant gorgeous roses. And then this card was born.

I am claiming my Catholic upbringing, giving mass props to plastic covered iconography and the botanicas – the intersection between religious, spiritual, and shamanic beliefs – that fascinated me while living in Chicago and Miami Beach, and combining that with energy medicine, in this specific case, chakra system – heart and auric field (do you see that aura emanating around the Virgin de Guadalupe!?!).

There are other prayer cards coming highlighting different chakras and facets of my own personal belief system which will be for sale in my Etsy shop along with my botanical creations. It is my hope that you covet them as much as I do.

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