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March Calibration Meditation

The Calibration Meditation call is free and occurs near the start of the month, near the full moon. The call’s sister event is a free in-person meditation and healing circle at my office on the first Monday of the month at 5:30pm.

The Virgo Full Moon occurred during today’s call at 10:06am PT. It is a time to let go of our inner critic and pay attention to details.

The Piscean New Moon/Solar Eclipse on March 20 is a time to implement a self-care regime and incorporate creative pursuits in your life.

Playing with the notion of Samskara this week/month in last night’s Calibration Meditation and in this Calibration Meditation call.

Samskara are repetitive emotional patterns (both positive or negative) rooted in the past and created when we hold onto energy in our heart center rather than let it flow. Michael Singer talks of it in chapter 6 of The Untethered Soul which I have been re-reading lately.

Learning to hold my heart chakra open even if it wants to close and allowing the energy patterns to flow through. Feeling it all and letting it go. Fascinated by the process.

Length: 30 minutes

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