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Transcending the Root of Anxiety

I am in the process of renting a space of my own. A room with a view where I will meet clients to help them discover their soul’s work. That yet unrecovered notion that sets them ablaze.

Twice in the leasing process, I have been on the verge of full-on anxiety attacks. And I am writing this particular story today because I know that I am not alone in these feelings. I know that other folks go through seemingly normal everyday occurrences that totally freak them out.

This is not normal for me… anxiety attacks over leases.

Yesterday’s inner monologue had to do with my amazing mentees and questioning how I could be having this much anxiety when I had helped them and other clients work through their bouts with anxiety in order to fully birth their work into the world.

And that is just it. I am birthing myself into the world. Again. Only this time in a more fully aligned way with my soul’s work and where my human existence is right now. The wonder and amazement of this moment is astonishing.

Luckily, I have an amazing inner circle. It is hard to count on just one person to be there for you all the time. So I am grateful for a circle that is big enough to handle the ebbs and flows that we each experience in life. And the most perfect folks showed up to cheer me on and help me dig deep to discover the real issue underlying all the anxiety.

The underlying issue has to do with feeling alone. Standing on my own two feet and forging ahead alone. It is connected to my story of 2005. It is connected to my father calling me every single day in my 20s. It stems from the illusion that my family would always have the ability to have my back. It is the reason why I stayed at my former day job for so long. That nestled feeling. That feeling of security.

I was reminded that my inner circle had my back. And that my inner circle is not just based in this life but also includes those who have passed to the other side. My grandmother, great aunt, and godmother have each watched over me since leaving this life and have provided comfort in the face of many of life’s challenges. It also shine a light on why I was watching so much Long Island Medium yesterday.

Have you discovered the root from where your anxiety stems?

Do you know who your helpers are in the unseen world?

xoxoxo, s

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