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Celebrating the Second Half

Last night, I unearthed these photos from my 1st birthday as today is my forty-fifth. There are three of the last one. The only way you can tell they are different photographs is by how much of that vintage Budweiser beer can is in the frame.

SRL 1st BirthdaySRL 1st Birthday DosSRL 1st Birthday quatro

I am viewing the next 45 years as the second half. Partly based on a story told to me by one of my inner circle earlier this week and partly based on the Seattle Seahawks showering and re-suiting up during half-time for the second half of their winning Super Bowl earlier this year.

This week I also received the final lease for my new office space. It is truly the perfect way to kick-off the second half.

Wishing you a most joyous day… thank you for being a part of my journey through this life.

Honored and grateful.

xoxo, s