Suzanne Ragan Lentz

luminary for emergence

Beyond Beyond

This week I am blown away by my clients.

Like utterly blown away.

I feel beyond lucky/blessed/grateful to be a catalyst/tipping point and to witness them shape shift before my eyes.

One birthed a business and launched a website of their work out into the world when 6 weeks ago there was not even a shell of its existence.

One had that aha moment when I confirmed personal truths; some information that they had heard before from outside sources and other things that rang true for them. They embraced these nuggets and came into alignment with who they are and their projection out into the world.

One is embracing their new found gift of automatic writing from their soul and also from your soul.

One is creating space and welcoming community in relation to their work process, honing in on their words on ways of being and operating in the world, and operating with grace.

Each is a magical star shining brightly in my universe.

A universe also filled with committing to an office space, picking out paint color, and reflecting on a Pinterest “Office/Studio Visioning” board created at the end of last year.

Manifestation can happen quickly if we let it.

The art of allowing.


What have you manifested this week?

xoxo, s