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Create Sacred Space: Inhale the Positive

Today in the Create Sacred Space series, we are revisiting breathing. Yes, it’s that important.

Beyond the energetic shifts just breathing can achieve, you can supercharge the effect by inhaling the word of something you want and exhaling the word of something you don’t want. This can also be positive versus negative or higher frequency versus lower frequency.

To start, in hale deeply all the way down into your belly. And exhale. On the next inhale, think of what you want more of, say Love. Inhale Love deeply into your belly. On the exhale, think of what you want less of, say Fear. Exhale Fear deeply from your being.

Almost twenty years ago, I would speed walk as exercise. I was in an in-between time – between here and there. On each breath, I would inhale what I wanted more of and exhale that which I wanted less. I did this to create a shift in my thinking and my life. And it worked.

Shortly thereafter I was living in Miami Beach, making a go of living in the land of sun and surf and tropical breezes.

This is a great exercise to shift your day when you are feeling anxiety, stress, general heaviness.

What do you want more of?


What things could you use less of?


What is on your list?

Take a deep breath and inhale the positive, then exhale the negative.

Breathe into any stuck bits in your body and exhale them out into the Universe where they transmute into love.

And then breathe again.

Wishing you the most delightful season of light, s

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