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Traumatic past life loss of children + fertility

It occurred to me last week that it is possible that there is a connection between past life traumatic loss of children and the grief associated with such a loss that comes through into a person’s current lifetime that can manifest in fertility issues.

I have come to this hypothesis after another fertility client presented with a traumatic past life loss of her children.

The session started with a stuck 1st chakra. It was so blocked that I couldn’t read it so we started with the earth energy grounding meditation during which I removed a great deal of low frequency energy from the root chakra area.

By the time the earth energy had moved through her body, the 1st chakra started to move and I was immediately drawn to her legs for an energetic sweep. This entails a sweeping motion with the hands a couple inches above the body within the first layer of the auric field. The legs are governed by the 1st chakra so the fact that the energy was stagnant was not surprising.

As I moved down her legs, the feet were calling to me — especially the right foot where there was a tremendous amount of grief. I dove in… to a past life where she had been the mother of eleven children during WWI. All of these children died in a bomb blast with her being the only survivor with an injury to her right foot. This is where all the grief from that life had decided to live during this lifetime. As this energy was released, there was an immense amount of tingling in my hands moving up my arms to my 4th (heart) chakra. The feeling of overwhelming grief and heartache flooded in. Tears were running down both our faces as I told her the story.

I asked my client to release the remaining grief; to let the emotion flow through her and out. Deep breaths in and on the exhale release it all.

And what is really fascinating is that the little one she is waiting to conceive (her spirit baby) is the soul of one of the eleven that was lost in this previous lifetime.

During my own fertility quest, my now mentor cleared three past lives during a session that were full of traumatic deaths for children. One being during the Roman era where a Roman guard brutally murdered my baby son in front of me before killing me and another life where I was in charge of rescuing the children from a space colony but the door to the capsule that housed the children closed before I was ensconced inside and the enemy blew them up.

According to abundance theory, clearing one’s energetic system or living space of stagnant energy allows for something new to come in. I am fascinated by this idea in relation to one’s fertility journey. Does the clearing of past life grief make way for conception to occur or, in my case, lead to a whole new career?

What do you feel you need to clear in order to move into the new?

xoxo, s

p.s. So grateful for my client’s permission to share events that occurred during a session.

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