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Semi-Woo Podcast Interview: Plants, Rocks & Talking to Spirits

I was interviewed by Heather Adams from the Semi-Woo Podcast about communicating with spirit babies, plants, and rocks, energy healing, other realms and waking up to the signs the universe provides for us. We also discuss accepting our pasts while moving forward with our soul contract, our purpose.

Heather and I met in a serendipitous way via a mutual friend who happens to run the ShamanDome camp at Burning Man. She is an amazing ray of light.

Topics Discussed

– Burning Man
– ShamanDome (Theme Camp at Burning Man that brought us together)
Communicating with the Spirit of Unborn Babies and Connecting Them With Parents
– Intuition and Your Spirit Guides
– Our soul contact and choosing our parents and past
– Moving through our past
– Clairvoyance
– Art School as a way to express your woo (aka Being Intuitive in the 80’s)
– Struggle with getting pregnant and late age pregnancy
– Getting yourself well enough to conceive
– Cultivating your intuition
Botany of The Soul, my herbal line!!!
– The Chakra System
– Doing what makes you happy. Because it makes you happy!
Madrona House Apothecary — The apothecary collective I’m apart of and work there every other Friday.

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