Suzanne Ragan Lentz

luminary for emergence

Commune + Restore: Plant Whispering 101


I’ve been back from the desert for about a week and am grounding back into the PNW flora and fauna. Nature and the land is a big piece of why I work in the desert each year and why we choose to live the majority of the year here in Seattle. As much as I love the desert landscape… it’s the green that I return to again and again.

This Saturday, September 30, I’ll be teaching this green love and how you can connect to trees and plants on a more ongoing basis. By walking in nature, identifying plants and trees, sensing their energy, and meditating with them. I have been doing just this since childhood and am so jazzed to share this relationship with others in conjunction with Souldust.

For more information on this workshop, go to Souldust’s website.


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