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Lunar New Year of the Snake

What skin are you shedding this year? What habits are no longer working in your life that you want to change up? What will you eliminate in order to illuminate the life you want to be living?

Personally, I am reducing time at my day job in order to make space for my life’s work of illuminating clients’ life’s paths and strengthen the connection between a mother and her unborn baby. This possibility has already allowed space for the planning of a Reiki training workshop co-facilitated with a fellow Reiki Master. I can now also see a time when my coffee table (which my spouse refers to as “my island”) is clutter free because I will have two days off per week.

And I will be writing more about this in the coming weeks as I am so fascinated by the story – Ray Lewis announced his retirement from football on January 2, 2013 four days prior to their first play-off game as wildcards and the Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl on February 3, 2013. He created the space for opportunity just as the Ravens has lost the last four of five games in regular season play – as my father, a native Baltimorean, was cursing the quarterback’s ability  — possibility happened. Space was freed up. Something new and inspiring occurred.

Last year, I took a leap of faith and signed-up for what I thought at the time was an expensive online marketing program called Rich, Hot, and Happy B-School. It felt right. At the core of my being I knew that this would change things up.  And it did. Over the eight weeks of the course, I met the most amazing group of energetic, supportive, thoughtful women all while learning about profit clarity, customer profiles, websites, newsletters, marketing, and copywriting.

To get a feel of Marie Forleo’s magnificent flair for online business, view her free videos she has produced to launch the upcoming session of B-School. Next week, I’ll share the package I am offering if you sign-up for B-School using my affiliate link.

I am so excited for this year of the snake and to see the possibility that you create in your life.

Tell me what’s not working and how you are going to change things up this year below in the comments.


  1. What’s not working: spending too much time listening to the stories in my head and wanting everyone to like me (thus dancing around other people and their needs and not taking care of myself). What’s not working is living from the past…and focusing on the stuff that is not working.

    Changing things up: I am starting with gratitude, everyday…as well as forgiveness towards myself and others… Then I am making new and different choices out of a place that is filled with value, heart, confidence, empowerment….and leaving places, habits, ways of thinking and speaking, etc that no longer work and only create suffering behind. I am focusing on what is going right…going well…like studying to be a Wellness Coach, landing an awesome job as front desk guru at Grassroots Acupuncture, and the latest manifestation of a new home inside of a community that loves biodiversity, practices consciousness, cooks meat and bone broth and fermented foods, has 2 gardens, chickens…and maybe even a goat! I am also going to find time to share my writing…and finally take the leap into teaching what I know! So exciting!

    Thanks Suzanne!


  2. Congratulations, Leah! I love the shifts you are making… and your new home sounds like perfection. xoxo, s

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