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A calm in the storm

With all the information coming at us from so many different directions, it’s a wonder we know who we are anymore. And in many ways, we don’t.

Last October, I was in the process of receiving my master level Reiki attunement while my soul (higher self) was on the plane of enlightenment and learned that I had been a practitioner of an auric field healing modality that was used from Mesopotamia to Coptic times in which I had reincarnated three times. I also learned that a dear friend was also a practitioner during that time as well as now. I was blown away by this knowledge. And my immediate reaction after the initial state of bliss had settled was to Google it.

Here I had just had this intense metaphysical experience, learned profound information about my soul’s past experience that I knew to my core to be true, and found the need to Google it so that I could prove that this healing modality existed. A healing modality that I had started using in the here and now because my hand just started moving that way during the most profound healing of my career thus far while at ShamanDome at Burning Man just two months prior. I knew it worked on the layers of the auric field and I still Googled it.

WOW. I am still shocked at myself. Mainly because I was questioning the existence of my personal experience over the internet. The internet which provides false information on a daily basis but somehow feels real as it is tupe on a screen. Most information hasn’t even been vetted on the internet but somehow type equals book equals vetted.

We all get lost sometimes in this technological modern world. Does it make you feel out of sorts too?

A great way to get back in touch with our higher self is to ground in the earth’s energy. And here is a grounding mediation to do just that.

Grounding Meditation (click for audio file)

Imagine that there are roots – energetic roots – growing out of the bottoms of your feet. Theses roots go through the floor, through the foundation of the building you are in, through the Earth’s crust and it’s many layers for miles and miles and miles until these roots reach the Earth’s core. The Earth’s core is a molten mass of energy.

Once there, your energetic roots drink in the Earth’s core energy which travels up your roots through the many layers of Earth for many many miles. The bottoms of your feet can feel this energy coming and then it enters the soles of your feet, and moves to your toes and your ankles, your calves, your knees, your thighs, your hips, your pelvis, up your spine, your intestines, your stomach, your pancreas and lungs. It moves into your heart and liver and kidneys, your chest, your shoulders. It travels down your arms, elbows, forearms, wrists, palms of your hands, fingers, thumbs, fingertips. The Earth’s energy moves into your neck, your throat, your thyroid, your mouth, your sinuses, your nose, your ears, your eyes, your brain.

Take a deep breath and inhale more of the Earth’s energy into your body. Exhale.

Sit within this Earth energy. Luxuriate in her glow.

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