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July 31 Calibration Meditation Call

This Calibration Meditation call’s theme is Love it or Leave it. What do you most love? Is there enough of it in your life? If not, what can you shift in order to bring more divine love into your life?

The Blue Moon, the second Full Moon in a month, reached it’s zenith in Aquarius at 3:43am PT/ 6:43am ET. Venus is currently retrograde moving from Virgo into Leo today where it will remain until it goes direct Sept 6. Virgo pays a lot of attention to details and the order of things while Leo is expansive, governing affairs of the heart.

So, we are going for overall feeling now. How do you want to feel in your life? And more importantly, how can you align your life to feel that way all the time?

The card for today is the Archangel Michael from Doreen Virtue’s Angel Deck. His message is YOU ARE SAFE which is the perfect place to start our meditation of anchoring in Earth energy and traveling to your place of Divine Love.

The Calibration Meditation call is free and occurs on the full moon. For the next Full Moon on August 29, I will be posting a recording as we are in the desert for six weeks during that time.

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