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luminary for emergence

July 1 Calibration Meditation Call

The Calibration Meditation call on the Full Moon in Capricorn focused on strengthening the 3rd chakra or solar plexus which is the seat of your personal power. This the place from which you project out into the world. Capricorn is a deeply rooted earth sign. It’s a connector between our dreams and our reality.

We also covered how to stay centered and not getting distracted by others’ negativity and negative self-talk. Negativity and negative self-talk guts you energetically and emotionally. It is important to ask yourself what you are getting out of these types of relationships. By grounding in earth energy through the 3rd chakra, you are better apt to handle emotional tides of outer and inner forces.

The mantra for this meditation is:
I stand in my power.
I release any and all bonds to those in my life that project negativity.
I stand in my power.
I release all bonds to negative self-talk.
I stand in my power now.

The Calibration Meditation call is free and occurs on the full moon. The call’s sister event is a free in-person meditation and healing circle at my office in Seattle the evening of the day in which the Full Moon falls at 5:30pm. The next Full Moon is on Friday, July 31.

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