Suzanne Ragan Lentz

luminary for emergence

Creating Your Own Sacred Space

I’m teaching an online course Saturday on how to create your own sacred space. To get there, we’ll walk through the history of energetic space clearing, what is ritual and how to personalize it, and spend some time in conversation so you can create a ritual to create you own sacred space.

What I do for myself and others has evolved over the past (almost) three decades. It is rooted in my Catholic upbringing with eight years spent in parochial school and my simultaneous exploration of nature in the woods that butted up to my family’s home in rural Maryland.

Within both of these diverse environments — one with many rules and one in which my own rules were made — I found solace in sacred space and the inner quiet such space nourishes.

Space is limited. I am also offering 10-15 minute calls to help you hone in on your own space clearing ritual if needed after the class.

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