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Create Your World

create your world

Two weeks ago, I followed the advice given in a blog post about how to handle the energies of the Cardinal Grand Cross. There were two parts to it. The first was to be clear about where you want to go and what kind of life you wish to live. The second part was to write down what type of world you want to create:

I want to create a world in which each person feels whole and loved. A world where folks feel free to show their authentic selves — to stand in their power and shine the light of their individual souls out into the universe.

You may be wondering how I am going to accomplish this.

Through my work…

I give you permission to live the life of your dreams

To awaken that spark of your life’s work

To stand in your power and speak your truth

To know deep down in your bones that you are loved and cherished

That you are free

That you are safe

That you are enough

What that looks like for you is individual — it could look like birthing your business through learning the nuts of bolts of entrepreneurship: naming, biz license, bank accounts, etc.

It could be acknowledging your idea born from deep within your bones and sharing that your guides in the unseen world are cheering you on too.

It could be encouraging you to explore an intuitive gift that you have pushed aside and in the process birthing a new service for your business.

It could take the form of validating the words your soul speaks to you — those that you remember from childhood or another time that feel so true you get goosebumps. Where has that voice been? Why has it been abscent for so long?

All this happens through a combination of energy work — I tap into all-encompassing light and remove blocks from your energetic body, repair damaged layers of your auric field and realign the layers to your major chakra system — and intuitive guidance from the unseen world.

Basically, you feel good, better than you have felt in a long time.

You feel whole.

You feel light.

Maybe you can’t remember that last time you were happy or joyful. There was a time that you were happy but circumstances, decisions made based on expectations that you thought other people had for you shifted that trajectory. Now you are left feeling ‘meh’.

I can help you tap into your light, your creativity, your magic. That thing that your soul is in this life to do. And in so doing you get to create your world.

What type of world do you want to create?

xoxoxo, s


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