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Wild Roses + Intuition

Wild Rose + Intuition

Over the past five days, I have been collecting plants again. It seems as though I had been on hiatus from this venture… banking on my current stores to see me through. But last week, I saw the hawthorn blooming and knew that the wild rose blossoms wouldn’t be that far behind.

And I knew in my bones that I had to start collecting for my soon to be renamed “mend a broken heart” salve. It has been my go to for the past couple of months for many of my energy intuitive clients. As part of a 1-on-1 session, I intuitively choose a salve or smudge spray prior to meeting that will be infused with the energy of our healing session. The plants contain their own healing properties and get amped up by the infusion of light energy.

Healing properties can work on the physical and spiritual planes. Physically, wild rose blossom properties include anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, pain relieving, and calmative for many skin conditions. Hawthorn blossoms are rich in antioxidants and are a circulatory leveler, meaning that if you have high blood pressure it will be lowered and if it is low, blood pressure is raised.

Spiritually, both wild rose and hawthorn blossoms ease depression and anxiety and have the ability to mend a broken heart.

When applied to the heart chakra, clients have said they feel blocked energy move releasing stagnation. With blocks released, the heart chakra is able to expand and contract as needed. Love can be more greatly given and received essentially allowing the heart to blossom and open.

“If you are looking for something to open your heart, Suzanne has infused this salve with her special magic. I really didn’t believe it until I tried it. A beautiful and truly special balm that heals much more than the physical.” ~ Claire Mahon, Human Rights Attorney, Geneva Switzerland

Through these latest forays with the plants, I have grounded in this moment. Deepening my understanding of the seasons, becoming present in this time + space, and realizing that everything is blooming earlier this year than last. I have been primarily unplugged for days and more in my body. All this just by being out in nature on a daily basis on the hunt for these blessed blooms.

Yesterday, I was walking to meet a friend for coffee and my route was based on the intuitive pull of the roses. I would ask in my mind, “Wild roses, where are you?” And, indeed, I found them along the way… like magic. But really it was just by following this ancient sense that we each possess, the sixth sense, intuition.

I am reminded of my obsession last week with shoulder chakras and something that I am loosely referring to as “Coptic Chakras” and an image of the thousands of chakras in the body that I swear I have seen somewhere. And I hunted books, the internet, and FB groups for two days as well as called mentors and sparked numerous conversations. All this to find “proof”.

The wild roses stopped me and taught me that the less I worry whether whatever I know to be true is Google-able, the stronger intuition gets.

What do you know in your bones that Google can’t back-up?

Until next week, loves… xoxo, s

p.s. There are only a very few of these salves left. If you would like to be added to a waiting list for this year’s batch ready in July, let me know. A few things are changing… packaging, price, size but the magic of product continues.