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Summer Psychic Special!

It’s back! Two years ago, while visiting Los Angeles with my spouse for his family’s reunion, I was struck by the number of psychics. It seemed like on every corner. You have seen them. The neon PSYCHIC sign in a store front or small house or hut by the side of the road. All offering to answer your burning question for some ridiculously small amount of money.

Understandably, my next thought was “I should do that.”

So, when we returned home to Seattle, I offered the first iteration of the…
summer psychic special!
That was the best I could do in terms of the neon sign {wink} though secretly I wish I had one.

And I am offering it again this summer for a limited time — through Tuesday, July 5, 2016.

Use the form below to send me your burning question or area of your life (love, money, work, etc) that could use a bit more clarity and then $35 (via the Buy Now button). In return, you will receive a channeled written response via email from moi.

I have done 100s of mini-readings similar to these both in person and virtually over the internet via the written word. And there is something so magical about that virtual connection. It’s a super fun way to receive a little guidance without having to make a big time or financial commitment.

I am also really turned on by the ‘parlor game’ feel to the whole thing.

What folks are saying:

‘Reading your words gave me such an overwhelming feeling of ease and comfort.’ ~ Jamie Villarreal

‘After reading your response I felt calmer. You have a true gift and I feel so blessed to have garnered this information.’ ~ Amelia Pollock

‘What a blessing you are. Your personal notes are spot on, but I started to cry as soon as I opened up the message – and those types of tears only come in the presence of Truth. What a gift, thank you so much!’ ~ Julie A.

‘The reading feels very spot on to me, so much so that I got misty when you were talking about doing my life’s work.’ ~ Lisa Dickens

Is there a part of your life that could use a bit more clarity this summer?

Get in touch using the form below.

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