Suzanne Ragan Lentz

luminary for emergence

Energy Intuitive

I am an energy intuitive and Reiki master who specializes in assisting folks birth their soul’s work into the world.

Soul’s work can take the form of…

  • a soul-sourced business idea
  • bringing another soul into the world and becoming a parent
  • aligning your life with what brings meaning and, ultimately, more love + joy and less stress to your life


My desire is to live in a world in which each person feels whole and loved. A world where folks feel free to reveal their authentic selves — to stand in their power and shine the light of their individual souls out into the universe.

Through my work as an energy intuitive, I give you permission to live the life you have been wanting.

To awaken that spark of your life’s work
To stand in your power and speak your truth
To know deep down in your bones that you are loved and cherished
That you are free
That you are safe
That you are enough

What that looks like for you is individual. What do you want to birth?


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