Suzanne Ragan Lentz

luminary for emergence


One of my passions is helping folks align with the work that they are meant to be doing in this lifetime. It is creative and strategic. It feels magical in it’s simplistic ease. This does not mean that there isn’t work on your part. There is work involved… though most of work is getting out of your own damned way.

What working together looks like for you is individual — it could look like birthing your business through learning the nuts of bolts of entrepreneurship: naming, biz license, bank accounts, etc.

It could be acknowledging your idea born from deep within your bones and sharing that your guides in the unseen world are cheering you on too.

It could be encouraging you to explore an intuitive gift that you have pushed aside and in the process birthing a new service for your business.

Here is the framework in which it all happens:

A Walk in the Woods   Luminosity Business Mentoring