Suzanne Ragan Lentz

luminary for emergence


I believe:

  • Each of us is on this Earth for a reason.
  • In spirit babies and spirit businesses.
  • We are a light body within a human form and in some cases this is our greatest challenge.
  • Our light body lives on after our physical form has perished.
  • We have lived many times before and karma plays out in some very interesting ways.
  • Each of us has the capacity to live through physically, spiritually, and emotionally harsh conditions.
  • Each of us is resilient beyond our wildest dreams.
  • By knowing what you deeply resonate with and makes you happy, your life’s work can be birthed.
  • We each have an inner knowing or intuition which acts as a compass to the path we should take… not following this path can cause depression and anxiety.
  • Prior to birth we choose our parents… entered into a contract with them.
  • Some families have been together for many lifetimes.
  • There are no accidents to who is born when.

These are the things that flooded to me the last day of our stay on Orcas Island earlier this month. While overlooking the sound and hearing the water rush, I would scribble another one down in-between a soak or a sauna. I am sure there are others that will pop up. These are a result of a perfect moment in harmony with Nature.

What do you believe?

xoxo, s