Suzanne Ragan Lentz

luminary for emergence

Space Clearing

Feeling a bit ill-at-ease in your new home?

Has your house been on the market for a while with everything else in your neighborhood selling within a week?

I employ the shamanic ritual of smudging, burning sage and sweetgrass or using my own infused sprays in case smoke is not conducive to your environment. This process removes lower frequency, “off” energy and invites in higher frequency energy for a more ‘positive’ feel. Your home or business is filled with positive intentions setting the tone for a happy home or profitable business for years to come.

The difference before and after was so dramatic in one client’s house that the family dog and cat, who had been ‘arch enemies’, now eat breakfast side-by-side in the kitchen. Another client had been trying to sell their house for many many months during a very “hot” market. Once my suggestions were all put into place an offer was accepted within the week.

Each energetic space clearing feels like magic. The shift from stagnant and stuck to flowing and expansive is palatable even to non-highly sensitive folks.

A Space Clearing for your home or business starts at $225. Final cost is dependent on the location and size of your home or business.

Book a 10 minute Meet+Greet call online to schedule your space clearing.