Suzanne Ragan Lentz

luminary for emergence

Spiritual Midwife


Babies in utero talk to me. Specifically, their souls speak to me. This gift takes my breath away.

I work with pregnant women and couples to energetically align and communicate information to and from their baby thus strengthening your bond prior to birth. You learn about personality traits, why your baby’s soul chose you now, inklings into what their future might hold, and things to put in place before birth.

I coach moms-to-be through the transformative experience of pregnancy to align their goals and dreams with those of being a parent. I communicate with your baby’s soul during the birthing process to assist with any agreements she has made with you on the soul level.

Spiritual Midwife Sessions
Tailored to meet your needs each session includes a check-in, energy work, guidance from the unseen world, and connection with your baby’s soul. Babies in utero are able to live in two realms simultaneously — the physical and the spiritual. Birth is the time when your baby’s soul commits to a human existence.

Your first session is 90 minutes in length and costs $150. Follow-up sessions are 60 minutes for $100. The Trimester Series consists of three appointments (1-90 minute + 2-60 minute) scheduled over three months for $315. The Full-Term Series includes 8 sessions once per month during pregnancy, holding energetic space during labor and birth, and an appointment after your baby’s birth. The cost is $995.

Birth Shaman
I am also available as a Birth Shaman to energetically hold space during labor and birth either in person or remotely. This work often includes a dialogue with your baby’s soul, inviting her light to ground in her body and commit to this life. A key component is to support and ground you in this spiritual journey of delivering a new life into the world.

The time spent with Suzanne during my pregnancy gave me a sense of calm and comfort. She provided details that provided strength and hope for my birthing experience. Throughout our work, she reassured me about who I was and what my role was as a new and expecting mother.

A spiritual guide with focus both on me and my baby, so wonderful and settling. When I went into labor I knew she was there, I was ready for an epic adventure and a shamanic approach to giving birth both to myself and my son!

 Isobel Melgarejo, designer, NYC

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