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New Moon in Libra: Coming into Balance

Tonight is the New Moon in Libra at 5:06pm PT/8:06pm ET/12:06am GMT. It is all about relationships. Most importantly the relationship we have with ourselves. New Moons are the time to set intentions for the upcoming lunar cycle and beyond. For tonight in particular, it involves relationships.

Setting intentions plants the seeds of your life so that it unfolds in the direction that you want to go.

Today or tomorrow, set aside some time to meditate until you feel centered and grounded. The Energetic Roots Grounding Mediation is a great way to set the stage. After mediating, reflect on your relationships with yourself, others, things, home, money, and ways to bring more balance to those relationships.

Write three intentions for this new moon cycle — focus on balance and those things that bring wholeness to your life.

Setting intentions is a very personal process. Each of us is unique and thinks and sees the world in different ways. It is always better to keep them more general than dictating exactly how you see your life morphing and shifting. The Universe likes to have the leeway to create shifts as it sees fit.

If you need direction on how to set your intentions, post in the comments below.

xo, s

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