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Calibration Meditation Call

Calibration Meditation Calls

Join me for a free call with guided meditation, breathwork, grounding in Earth and Akashic energies, and learn a bit about energy medicine and the astrological energies we are facing this month. There will also be time for a Q+A session.

The next call will be on Friday, July 31, at 10am PT/1pmET with the Full Moon in Aquarius.

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“Fabulously refocusing, rebalancing, and reminding me of the power and strength I have and need to harness more consistently to move forward.” ~ Zoe Goode

Previous Call Recordings

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July 1, 2015: Full Moon in Capricorn on July 1. Capricorn is a deeply rooted earth sign. It’s a connector between our dreams and our reality. A great time to review your goals, assess if they are the correct goals, and map the first steps to achieve those revised goals. The meditation’s focus is strengthening the 3rd chakra or solar plexus which is the seat of your personal power. The place from which you project out into the world. Ways to disconnect form negative self talk or negative talk from others is also discussed. Length: 39 minutes

May 6, 2015: May 1, Beltane, is the start of summer in the Celtic calendar and celebrated by blessing homes and livestock with smoke and ash from ritual bonfires. The Scorpio Full Moon on May 3 highlighted community. The murder of Freddie Gray and the marches that followed in Baltimore, the city of my birth, again spotlight the inequality that continues to run rampant in the USA. And sparks the question: What would happen in your world if you loved more? This month’s meditation focuses on grounding in Earth energy and strengthening your auric field. This concentrates energy within your energetic system and in turn establishes healthy boundaries. Length: 25 minutes

April 2, 2015: The Libra Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse occur within minutes of one another at 5am and 5:06am EDT on Saturday, April 4. It is a time of karmic release and deep healing. This month’s meditation focuses on cutting karmic cords — these are old energetic ties that have been carried by your soul from lifetime to lifetime. Energetic healing was performed during the cutting chord process. Length: 37 minutes

March 5, 2015: The Virgo Full Moon occurred during the call at 10:06am PT. It is a time to let go of our inner critic and pay attention to details. The Piscean New Moon/Solar Eclipse on March 20 is a time to implement a self-care regime and incorporate creative pursuits in your life. This month’s meditation focused on opening the heart chakra in order to clear Samskara, energetic patterns that do not serve your highest good. Untethered Soul by Michael Singer mentioned. Length: 30 minutes

February 4, 2015: February 1/2 is the beginning of the Spring season, traditionally celebrated via Imbolc/Candlemas/St Bridgit’s Day/Groundhog Day. What intentions did you set in the Autumn when we were planting flower bulbs? Breathwork and guided meditation to love up your cells, organs, chakras, physical and energetic bodies in order to deeply connect to the expansive nature of your soul. Length: 31 minutes

January 7, 2015: The Full Moon in Cancer on January 4 activated archetypal mother energy. In this call, we reflect on the idea of belonging through a passage by John O’Donohue from his book Eternal Echoes. The mediation’s focus is releasing in order to make room for all the shifts New Year’s resolutions elicit. Length: 19 minutes

December 3, 2014: Set your intention for this meditation practice or for the month. Guided meditation inspired by John O’Donohue’s wellspring of the soul to ground you into your body, the entrance of light, and strengthening of your energetic field. Length: 21 minutes

November 5, 2014: Breathwork and guided meditation to set the intention of possibility of your metaphorical flower bulb that will bloom in Spring. The energy of this season through the lens of traditions that are 1000s of years old: Samhain and Dias las Muertas. The call ends with a quote from Anam Cara by John O’Donohue – A Blessing of Solitude. Length: 27 minutes

October 8, 2014: Guided meditation to ground in Earth energy, expand into the Akasha, and calibrate to this time and space. The astrological energies of Mercury Retrograde (October 4-25), Aries Full Lunar Eclipse (October 8), and the Scorpio Solar Eclipse (October 23) briefly discussed. The call ends with the mantra SA TA NA MA and a quote from The Council of Light by Danielle Rama Hoffman. Length: 33 minutes