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Roots of Energy Medicine Retreat

Roots of Energy Medicine ~ August 1- 3, 2014Ohiopyle, PennsylvaniaRoots of Energy Medicine Ohiopyle berries woods

Located in the heart of the Appalachian mountains, the Roots of Energy Medicine retreat integrates principles of energy medicine into your daily life. Through study of the energy modalities of core shamanism, intuitive healing, guided meditation, and spiritual mediumship, awareness of your inner and outer landscape will strengthen and new ways of thinking and approaches to life will become clear enabling your soul’s work to emerge.

Personal time, one-on-one coaching, energy management techniques, and community building in a nurtured environment gives you space to ground in the shifts that occur during this transformative workshop. Each participant will leave with fresh perspectives and new insight into their own personal growth.

Join us for this unique experience set in the Appalachians which provide the most grounded atmosphere. This workshop utilizes these natural surroundings and resources so each participant is afforded the opportunity to reflect, build, and grow in Nature’s embrace and departs with an internal knowing and soul integration of their place in this world.


We are so excited to share this life-changing work with you in the beauty of Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania in the Appalachian Mountains.

Roots of Energy Medicine Retreat Ohiopyle - YoughOur schedule

Friday, August 1: We gather in the afternoon, get acquainted, and ground into this space and time; followed by dinner on the porch and an opening circle followed by a power animal journey.

Saturday, August 2: We begin with breakfast on the porch, meditation and introduction to Energy Medicine at Meadow Run,  hydro-cleansing in the Youghiogheny River, dinner on the porch and the evening spent performing soul retrievals with personal reflection time.

Sunday, August 3: Begins with breakfast on the porch, an herbal hike on Sugarloaf and a meditation in nature, followed by an introduction of herbal preparations and a closing circle designed to send us each back into the world healthy, happy, and whole.


Roots of Energy Medicine Retreat Rafferty Manor Altar


The cost is $500. Meals Friday evening through midday Sunday are included. You are responsible for your own lodging. There are many options in Ohiopyle and we are happy to provide recommendations.

Space is limited.


Conrad HamatherConrad Hamather is an energy worker, shaman practitioner, and ordained minister working directly from the light. Over the last two decades, Conrad has finely honed his skills of automatic writing, clairaudience, intuitive response, physical transference and manifestations of both the spiritual and physical realm to create a holistic healing environment for his clients in which they are bathed in white light, held in the highest vibration, and brought to a new consciousness through spirit cleansing, information delegation, or direct ritual approach. His energy stems from purity; hosting a team of guides that directly influence readings for his clients.  He lives in Chicago and maintains a residence in the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania.

srl080412bybdrake221Suzanne Ragan Lentz trained as an artist as a way to channel her psychic childhood into an acceptable career until her quest for conception and an odyssey into the world of infertility forced her to confront the gift she thought she’d left behind. This experience led her down an unconventional path of acupuncture, Chinese herbs and energy medicine as a means to find her spirit baby and instead empowered her to birth her life’s work as an energy intuitive specializing in connecting pregnant women with their babies in utero. Suzanne is uniquely positioned to connect with clients on the deepest levels through a combination of energy intuition, Reiki, Alchemical Healing, and shamanic traditions. She resides in Seattle.



Roots of Energy Medicine Retreat ohiopyle - buddhaRoots of Energy Medicine Retreat Rafferty Manor Ohiopyle PA