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Reiki I

Reiki is an energetic healing modality known to relax the body and relieve stress which in turn promotes healing. As a practitioner, one channels Universal Life Force energy through their crown chakra. This energy flows through the arms and out of the hands into another’s energetic body.
The ‘laying on of hands’ is the most ancient human healing method with plant medicine running a close second. I believe each of us carries this knowledge in the DNA of our cells and our souls. This class reawakens that ancient inner knowing. 
Learn Reiki I in a small group setting over two three-hour classes. Topics covered: history of Reiki, energetic system, basic anatomy, hand positions for self-healing and healing others, client considerations, and Reiki I attunement.


Classes are set three weeks apart of Sunday, March 18, and Sunday, April 8 from 1-4pm. Locations are in Seattle and still to be determined for March 18 and at the Madrona House Apothecary + Healing Arts Center on April 8.
Class size restricted to 4.
Cost is $195.

About Me

Reiki is the first energy healing modality I learned shortly after a Kundalini Awakening in which energy started pouring out of my hands. At the time, I was a frequent practitioner of Kundalini yoga. The mid-2000s were a much different time so it took me a year to find Reiki and to finally understand this energy in my hands. In 2007, I studied Seichim Reiki I/II with JoBeth Eckerman in 2007. And earned my Reiki Master certification in 2012 while TA-ing for my energy intuitive mentor’s Reiki I/II/Master weekend.


“Suzanne’s Reiki I course was comprehensive and accessible. She taught from a place of deep inner knowing and her knowledge and experience is vast. No matter what question I raised, she provided materials and experience that went directly to the heart of the matter.” – Sally O’Brien


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